A new frame of mind.

Jeremy Scott moved to the Portland, OR area in 2018 from a town in Northwest Arkansas where he grew up.  He studied journalism and marketing while attending school at the University of Arkansas and while still in college quickly became the youngest lead photographer ever for the states newspaper, The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

After college he felt compelled to connect himself with the local scene and his photography immediately became a vital part in the depths of that towns life and the politics, music and people that lived in it.  Passionate about making a difference in the little things in life, he quickly became a patron of building other people’s local businesses with the use of his photography. 

To continue his passion with photography on a larger scale and to continue building up what he believed in Jeremy, his wife and their two dogs moved west from Arkansas and found themselves living out of a vintage airstream trailer to start their new path.  With encouragement from colleagues, family and friends, Jeremy and his family decided to end that westward journey in Portland, OR where he is continuing his love for sharing his vision with a new community with whom he feels a new and profound kinship.

Portraits courtesy of Daniel Herron.



a new frame

of mind.

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Lets get to work.

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